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mittensMy cat named Mittens is missing!  I am so  upset  last night she left and I have been looking for her.  If  you live in Westminster, Colorado you might see her.

This is how she looks:
Mittens is mostly black and very  fluffy  with yellowish / greenish eyes. She has  1 extra claw on each  paw.

If you see her please do the following:                    
1. Catch her she is friendly

2. Call 303-870-3434


Aside from a lot of driving near the edge of a mountain (which terrifies me) we had a great day at Spring Creek. The trail is rated a 6-8 and with some good spotting, Wasabi made it through nicely. Continue reading “More of Spring Creek Colorado 2014” »

Rachel was supposed to come to the gun range with me back in Boston several months ago, but the day I had planned to take her she had a seizure. Yesterday we went up to Spring Creek which is just outside of Idaho Springs in Colorado. With the help of multiple, legal gun owners, Rachel was given the opportunity to handle an unloaded rifle and with assistance she was able to shoot it. Continue reading “Spring Creek, Colorado 7/6/2014” »

We took Wasabi and a few other Jeeps out yesterday and went wheeling on Miller Rock.  I had a great time and Rachel got a good core workout.  Here are some pictures from a great day. Continue reading “Wasabi finally leaves the road” »

Another beautiful day in Colorado filled with a park, swimming at the Rec Center and cheering on Heather and Chris who rode the Colorado Bike MS 150 to help find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.  The kids were thrilled when cow bells were brought out, well, every child but Rachel. She ended up with a sunburn which she is still healing from. Continue reading “Colorado Bike MS” »

Location & Geography

Pike’s Peak is a mountain located west of Colorado Springs, Colorado in the Rocky Mountain National Forest.  Pikes peak is over 14,000 feet above sea level and at the summit you have a very hard time breathing because of the lack of oxygen in the air.

How do you get there?

Pikes Peak has it’s own highway which is approximately 19 miles long and costs $40 per car load to travel to the top. Depending on the time of year you might only be able to drive up halfway due to snow and ice.

Unless you are very athletic and want to hike to the summit the only other way to get there is the Cog Railway. This stunning journey is 9 miles each way and takes 3 hours to complete.

What does Pikes Peak look like?

Simply put, the song “America the Beautiful” was written about this landmark. Pikes Peak is an absolutely gorgeous place to visit. There is a lot of exposed of exposed pink granite called “Pikes Peak Granite” that started to form over 1 billion years ago. There are multiple clear reservoirs throughout the mountain.

The terrain varies a lot depending on the altitude. There are 4 zones in Pikes Peak and each zone has different features including wildlife and wildlife.

Foothills: 6,000 – 8,000 feet above sea level. This zone has a lot of grassy meadows and open space with pine and juniper. In this area you find squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks and foxes.

Montane: 8,000 – 10,000 feet above sea level. This zone is known for a stunning, white bark aspen tree as well as breathtaking wildflowers. In this zone there are a lot of deer, birds and some elk.

Sub-Alpine: 10,000 – 11,500 feet above sea level. This zone really starts to look a lot different because the decreasing oxygen levels and water supply determines what can live there. You will find spruce trees everywhere and the wind and harsh temperatures often deform the trees and shrubs. Birds, bunnies,
Sheep and black bears live at this altitude.

Alpine: 11,500+ feet above sea level. Very little can grow up here because this mountaintop is usually covered in snow and there is very little time for things to grow in this windy and cole region. Grass, moss and very small wildflowers can be found in this zone. The really cool part about this unforgiving altitude is you might see the majestic Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. There are a lot of giant rock formations as you near the summit of Pikes Peak. Most people think the top of a mountain is a point but Pikes Peak is actually flat at the top. You can walk around and visit the gift shop and cafe in this very windy and chilly place.


The first group to ever roam the Rocky Mountain Pikes Peak was known as the Clovis Culture, descendants of the ancient people who crossed Bering Land Bridge between Russia and Alaska.

President Thomas Jefferson completes the Louisiana Purchase.  The Louisiana purchase was the transaction that purchased more than 828,800 square miles, including Pikes Peak, is added to the United States for approximately $15 million, more than 828,800 square miles, including Pikes Peak, from France.  In 1806 Pike’s Peak was formally discovered by Jefferson’s men.

The first documented group of men reached the summit of Pikes Peak!  It was not until 1858 that a woman was able / allowed to climb to the top. Her name was Julia Archibald.

The first dirt road to the top of Pikes Peak was made.  It cost $1 per car to drive to the top.

The cog railway was opened for adventurous folk to travel to the summit.  In 1893 Katherine Lee Bates traveled to the top on the cog railway and wrote the poem that inspired “America the Beautiful.”

The toll road highway (the road to drive to the summit) was improved due to the request of Spencer Penrose to the Secretary of Agriculture.  At this time the price to drive to the summit increased to $2 per car.

The stunning “Crystal Reservoir” was created.

The North Catamount Reservoir” was created.

The Pikes Peak Ski area which was created / opened in 1936 closes.

The Pikes Peak Highway was formally and smoothly paved straight up to the summit of the mountain!

The Waldo Canyon Forest Fire destroying thousands of acres just north of Pikes Peak forces the highway and cog railway to close.  That fire devastated the area and took a long time for firefighters to contain.

Cycling up to the summit on a bicycle becomes an approved activity.

2013-10-18 08.48.28So I have this awesome friend who has this awesome husband (ok, he’s not awesome awesome – I’m just afraid of him after being trapped in a bathroom last April) and two cool sons. It is my goal this summer (or sooner) to get the Triplets out to Denver and have her son, Nick, take some portraits of my kids.  He does awesome work for a kid (he will always be a kid because I am too young to have friends with teenagers) and I wanted to share. Check out: Off Road Colorado Photography  

Hopefully he will add some more of his work to his facebook page… 🙂

Ypro is a Colorado Springs and Denver Colorado based technology firm that we have worked with for several years. We converted their website to WordPress Continue reading “YPRO Geeks” »

During our time together this morning my Julie shared this poem with me after I shared a bit of my pain with her, stressing that the best part of our lives has yet to happen.  Which is a light at the end of the tunnel of darkness we are going through now.  She is an amazing child.  I believe she drew this poem from her time in 3rd grade last year with Mrs Buttkus:

Mother to Son


Well, son, I’ll tell you:
Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.
It’s had tacks in it,
And splinters,
And boards torn up,
And places with no carpet on the floor—
But all the time
I’se been a-climbin’ on,
And reachin’ landin’s,
And turnin’ corners,
And sometimes goin’ in the dark
Where there ain’t been no light.
So boy, don’t you turn back.
Don’t you set down on the steps
’Cause you finds it’s kinder hard.
Don’t you fall now—
For I’se still goin’, honey,
I’se still climbin’,
And life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.

Today we met up with Heather, Nick and Sky (her boys) at the Omlette Parlour. Great food, even better company!

Gotta love a place that serves up good, vegetarian omlettes! Check it out: http://www.co-spgs-omeletteparlor.com/

Picture: Heather and her son Nick

Team Rachel is safely in Colorado Springs Colorado and had the pleasure of visiting Garden of the Gods yesterday! Today we’ve been hiding out because of the record temperatures (Rachel and the clan don’t do well in the heat).

After the recent heat wave affecting New England we (me and the kids) have decided to postpone our summer road trip  until September.  Its a good excuse to blow off a little school but more importantly the weather will be more temperate and I won’t have to deal with 110 degrees while strolling through Hays, KS or Terre Haute, IN.  We stayed there last year in our travels and both were little slices of hell on earth.  Neither my kiddos nor their Mom do very well in such high heat.

We’ll be driving out to Colorado and hopefully staying at the Garden of the Gods Campground (they don’t close until September 30th) for about a week and hanging out with incredible friends (they can only be found in one place apparently lol).  We were considering staying a while but the Colorado Springs School for the Blind isn’t sure if they’ll be able to provide programming for Rachel.

We’ve generally traveled route 70 and took route 80 home once but we are open to suggestions.  Any good road stop ideas?  I really want to go to Niagra Falls this time around…. but I hate the drive through upstate New York.

Planning to go to the Flying W for dinner, Santas Workshop for some fun, Geocaching, then float down the Arkansas River and we (me) are looking to do some stock friendly trails with the Jeep while we are out there.  Every summer seems to be a little more difficult than the last so we have no choice but to take life by the horns……………..

Let’s see. Me and the kids planned a Trip of a Lifetime from Boston to Colorado, stopping to see family in Kansas City. The goal of the trip was to see the Flying W Christmas Round-up (Bucket List item).

It didn’t quite happen that way.

My minivan broke down in PA (water pump died and overheating commenced).

Once the van was fixed we hit lots of snow.

We ended up getting to Kansas City and stayed a few days but saw more weather heading through Colorado and Kansas and I decided it was safer to drive home.

I will do this trip again next year (earlier in the Flying W Christmas Season) and we will GET THERE!!!!

Rachel has been suffering from a nasty rash.  It started off slow around her shoulders and it has progressed down her body, leaving a whiteness in the pigmentation of her skin.  I’m concerned that it is an autoimmune rash and actually brought her to the doctor on Tuesday for an exam and blood work.  I asked the doctor to test her for Lupus markers and hopefully we’ll know in the next couple of days.  The rash is nasty and seemingly unrelated to medication or Batten Disease.  She is quite uncomfortable because its currently in her inner and outer thigh area so hopefully that will clear up or move soon. I’m also waiting on a Dermatology referral to Boston Medical Center.


Good News!  We are (me and the 4 kids) headed to Colorado for a quick trip to see the most AMAZING friends  and family in Kansas City and to cross The Flying W Christmas Round-Up from our Bucket List. Rachel has loved the Flying W since she was an infant so this should be a truly remarkable experience for her and for the other kids.  They are STOKED about going to the 8pm showing so they get to stay up!


This Saturday I am taking the kids (with the help of my Mom) to the Make-A-Wish Christmas party at Boston’s Logan Airport.  Apparently they have the party *IN* the Delta Airlines Hangar so I am really excited for the kids to see that.


Merry Christmas. 🙂  Today’s picture is the kids with Santa, taken at the Hull MA Carousel Shop.  I’ve put this picture in our yearly business Christmas card.  🙂
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