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We went out to lunch with dear friends at Poor Richards in downtown Colorado Springs. Vegan, gluten free or anything else you could possibly want. It was the best food I’ve had in a very long time! Check out their website: http://www.poorrichardsdowntown.com/

Team Rachel is safely in Colorado Springs Colorado and had the pleasure of visiting Garden of the Gods yesterday! Today we’ve been hiding out because of the record temperatures (Rachel and the clan don’t do well in the heat).

Let’s see. Me and the kids planned a Trip of a Lifetime from Boston to Colorado, stopping to see family in Kansas City. The goal of the trip was to see the Flying W Christmas Round-up (Bucket List item). It didn’t quite happen that way. My minivan broke down in PA (water pump died and overheating commenced). Once the van was fixed we hit lots of snow. We ended up getting to Kansas City and stayed a few days but saw more weather heading through Colorado and Kansas and I decided it was safer to drive home. I will do this trip again next year (earlier in the Flying W Christmas Season) and we will GET THERE!!!!