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Having a blind child makes you look at life a different way.  Blindness without anything else, like Batten disease, causes you to look at life in a profoundly different way.  Last night I saw a clip about a cat named “Honeybee” who is from Fiji and was adopted.  Her human takes her on hikes with a harness and leash and wears her in a pouch on the way down from the hike.  Absolutely beautiful, simple video and worth a watch:

In My opinion cats rule. 1 Cats are independent. Cats don’t need  much food because there killing days are Friday and Wednesday. 2 They are silent. Cats are silent on anything even when meowing it isn’t very loud. 3 They are playful Mittens my cat is shy but very playful even when killing mice she does it in a playful way. When they are dead she plays ping pong with there body. 4 Cats are beautiful cats can have lion cuts and I want my mom to shave my cat to look like this cat. Bye and remember that cats rule!!!!!!!! Bye bye bye 

Mittens is back! She came home last night about the same  time she left my mom woke me up so I can get Mittens.Mittens hates my mom. I’m so glad she is back she is sleeping in her bed that I bought her. She is such a sweetheart I love her so much.

My cat named Mittens is missing!  I am so  upset  last night she left and I have been looking for her.  If  you live in Westminster, Colorado you might see her. This is how she looks: Mittens is mostly black and very  fluffy  with yellowish / greenish eyes. She has  1 extra claw on each  paw. If you see her please do the following:                     1. Catch her she is friendly 2. Call 303-870-3434