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They aren’t really triplets but so close in age that I started calling them that, especially after Rachel was diagnosed. It was easier than saying 1, 2, 3 and 4 because I knew at some point “Thing 1,” Rachel wouldn’t be here. And here we are.

This is a picture of the kids taken by a photographer at their Homeschool Enrichment Program. I purchased the rights to share this picture on social media and make prints but I think she deserves credit. ūüôā

Elizabeth Osberg Photography

Weeks before Boston‚Äôs 11th birthday I came across a picture from his third birthday party and decided I wanted to try and inexpensively recreate the picture.  I think I nailed it without spending a fortune.  The main difference, to me, was the cost of the cake.  Vegan cakes are much more expensive than an ole vanilla box cake by Betty Crocker.  This is the resulting picture.

This is the comparison picture between 2017 and 2009.

London turned 12 just 10 days later and I sprung for a full vegan cake for him.  It was INCREDIBLE!

A few days before his birthday we went to a party for Ruby who was turning 4 and Boston took this picture of his brother. I love when they take pictures on my phone, seeing the world through their eyes.

London and Boston, age 10.

It is definitely my favorite time of year, when both of my boys are the same age. ¬†It lasts 10 days every year and I nearly forgot to take a picture of it. ¬†Here are the boys, age 10…. <3

Rachel Vontungeln 15

I haven’t blogged in forever and I owe myself an apology. ¬†I need this blog. ¬†For posterity’s sake (my memory is shot) and to get my feelings out. ¬†Feelings. I sound like such a bitch. ¬†Feelings. FML.

I texted my landlord in December to see if she had any larger homes for rent and within a few weeks I was starting to move my kids and all of our crap to a new home in Northeast Denver. Continue reading “2016 is here and so are we” »

Boston Fenway turns 9

I love an overexposed photo.

Boston is pretty rotten in the weeks (months!) leading up to his birthday. ¬†It’s all he can talk about, think about. ¬†Today was the big day and he had his best birthday ever! ¬†His favorite present? ¬†An emerald green fuzzy bath robe that was a replacement for a zip up robe that was a present from my best friend. ¬†A present, a robe, that we named “Robie”¬†and¬†my children take turns stealing. ¬†One less child to share with. Continue reading “Boston Fenway Turns 9!” »

Not the best pictures (too many pictures to edit!!!!) but they’ll do! <3 ¬†Thank you so much to Sue for having us over yet again, being super generous and awesome and drinking margaritas with me at 10am. ¬†<3 Continue reading “Easter 2015” »

mary and gina with rachel in downtown denver

My dear friends from Boston came out to visit me. ¬†Gina had been booked to fly out for a month and when I arrived at the airport I found out that she brought Mary as a surprise! ¬† Continue reading “Pictures from Mary & Gina’s Visit” »

Honey bee is a cat who has NO eyes at all but she is very very very interesting because she finds her way around places they would’nt let her in the corn maze so she did the pumpkin maze also she takes a while on hikes because she wanted to smell everything also when she is tired she rides her owners or humans back she squirms when she wants to go down again honey bee also loves human Loves them also she is very smart very very very smart she got to pick their pumpkin she loves other cats and kittens my mom thinks it is amazing which i do to peace outHoney-Bee-In-the-Pumpkin-Patch-750x562honeybee0 (1)images (2) blind-cat-best-hiking-buddy-out-there__big_no hqdefault (2) blind-cat-1-800 0 (1)

Good Geeks is a well established computer repair, data recovery and home audio / theatre business located on the South Shore of Boston in Hull, Massachusetts. ¬† Continue reading “Good Geeks” »

I am interested in Animation,Warner Brothers, Marvel , DC Universe. and photography  Im interested in Animation cause when i grow up i want to make animations for my kids and i watch cartoons all the time and i really want to know what its like to make them I am also interested in photography cause i think it would be awesome to meet celebreritys also its basic so yeah. I am also a fan in marvel and dc movies and comics cause ive played the video games  and every body needs batman and ironman in there life i like this stuff cause my imagination is huge



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Winter is here in Colorado

Winter is here in ColoradoIts been really cold in Colorado for the last few days it started Monday the 11 November 2014. My Granny was coming from Boston and it was Zero visibility and Zero degrees it was hard for my mom aka creator of this web site to drive there was alot of accidents on the way to to the airport we found 75 UPS TRUCKS!!!!! The next day was Veterans day and the snow was still falling the temperature was 11 degrees at the highest point of the day. On the day granny came we had a chicken dinner. Today it is Thursday and it is very cold but my mother took us to Savers and we got a lot of good stuff. The best thing in my opinion is a VCR player we bought.

Tonight is still very cold and icy.

Some pretty cool pictures and drawings recently, thought I would share a bunch in their own post.


cactus picture








This year Rachel dressed up as a pirate, Julie was a midwife, London was Captain America and Boston Iron Man. We had a great day and was able to attend a few high school sponsored trick-or-treating events and also went to Rachel’s school for a halloween parade. Continue reading “Halloween 2014” »

This is the last couple of hours where my boys are technically both 8. Today is London’s 9th birthday and on September 30th Boston turned 8. A gift that I mentally decided to give the boys was being on my phone less. Facebook, while fun, is a huge distraction for me. My iPhone takes pictures, easily, but doesn’t provide me with the quality I’d like to archive long-term.

I have a really nice camera which I splurged on but haven’t really used it. It is pretty stupid. I have 4 beautiful children and a gorgeous jeep. The season is autumn and the leaves are gorgeous.

So this afternoon I handed the boys specific colored shirts to contrast with each other but also to celebrate the season. I like the fall, I think just about everyone I know would pick this as their favorite season.

New England definitely has prettier foliage than Colorado but it is still beautiful here. I haven’t spent an Autumn in Colorado since 2005 when London was born at our home in Colorado Springs.

Here are my “Irish Twins.” London is wearing a burnt orange waffle shirt and Boston is, well, Boston. Boston always needs a haircut or he looks like he has just been cured of lice. Love my boys.

The boys climbing Token

The boys climbing Token

London is beat by his little brother climbing up

London is beat by his little brother climbing up

A perfect autumn day

A perfect autumn day

London, just hours away from being 9

London, just hours away from being 9

This picture sums up Boston perfectly.

This picture sums up Boston perfectly.

Boston trying to... breastfeed?  Had to share this one even though it is totally out of focus.

Boston trying to… breastfeed? Had to share this one even though it is totally out of focus.

Boston is a really smart, energetic child.  And loves to spend my money.

Boston is a really smart, energetic child. And loves to spend my money.

He is constantly "fake smiling."  Capturing one that is real is usually pretty hard because when it usually indicates he is up to mischief.

He is constantly “fake smiling.” Capturing one that is real is usually pretty hard because his smile usually means that he is up to mischief.

The Avengers - Robert Downey Jr. Tony Stark Showing Hand

Photo Courtesy: http://xdesktopwallpapers.com/

– My favorite Ironman is Tony Stark.

1.  He owns every Ironman
Tony Stark is my  favorite

Because he created every


2.  He owns Stark Tower and Stark Tower is my favorite monument in marvel SuperHeroes

3.He is a  billionaire and i like money
This is why I like Tony Stark.

1 2