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On January 6th I assessed my social media numbers, as a freelancer, not for Geek Media.  After 3 months without any real effort on my part (I’ve been busy with other things / little people / life) I have taken a look at my social media following.  Within the next 3 months I plan to make a targeted effort into increasing my connections and focus on blogging more industry related stuff.

Truth be told, I re-fell in love with what I do, professionally.  After some professional assessment I realized that I can only work and should only work with clients that are absolutely passionate with their work, with their business.

Here is the comparison from 3 months ago (the old numbers are in parentheses)

Facebook: 592 (542) Friends

Google+: 29 (29) Friends

Linked In: 414 (410) Colleagues

Twitter: 180 (172) Followers

Youtube: 15 (15) Followers

Instagram: 147 (121) Followers

Pinterest: 127 (120) Friends

Foursquare: 30 (30) Followers

Tumblr: I joined.  That is a good start! (Meh… lol)

Rachel, a blind artist, displays "value"!
Me, Kat Wasabi, with big brother Chris in 1983.


Kat Wasabi is a 30+ American Vegan, Website Manager, Blogger and proud Mum. Likes: Jeeps, Vitamin D, Music, Traveling & Authenticity.


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