I wanted to get pictures of her driver, Ruby and bus monitor, Sandra, but I didn’t have the nerve.

Ruby is shy and I’ve been working on her since January to talk and it’s been working! It’s was probably torture for her, the beginning, but I believe I’m tolerated now. She’s sweet as pie and puts up with my crazy. smile emoticon. Her husband is a huge Red Sox fan so I knew she needed me as her friend. lol

I promise to ask for their pictures before the end of the year. ❤️

And that school bus? It was brand sprawling new for Rachel to start school at the beginning of this year!!

In many places here in Denver we have community mailboxes. I like to call them mailbox trees (Rachel is photographed near one of the trees near our house).

Within these plastic boxes, (yellow and blue) are small USB books on tape provided to her by the library of Congress. Audio books. Books on tape. They come in the mail, for free, and this library has extensive content for all ages.

So imagine how ironic it is that these books are mailed, for free, to blind people all over the United States, yet the “outgoing” slot is too small to fit them.

Are blind people supposed to drive to the post office?

Just a morning WTF moment.

rachel with her audiobooks for the blind

My 12 year old is pretty mature for his age and has a few older step brothers. He’s been exposed to lots of stuff and has a mature sense of humor.

I keep hearing that the movie is R rated but that its not appropriate. He has seen too many R rated movies to count and enjoyed most of them (as much as any adult would have). What’s your take? Do you think Deadpool is too mature? Like, really really R rated?

My 3 younger kids have chosen non Christian beliefs in matters relating to the origin of life, leaning heavily into science. I am an atheist but my oldest child very much believes in God and I respect her beliefs.

Easter is a Christian holiday and while most of the meaning of the holiday is commercialized I’m not really feeling like I should participate in Easter baskets and Easter egg hunts when my younger kids “don’t believe.”

But I feel guilty not participating and skipping a major holiday here in America. What’s your honest advice?

Rachel Vontungeln 15

I haven’t blogged in forever and I owe myself an apology.  I need this blog.  For posterity’s sake (my memory is shot) and to get my feelings out.  Feelings. I sound like such a bitch.  Feelings. FML.

I texted my landlord in December to see if she had any larger homes for rent and within a few weeks I was starting to move my kids and all of our crap to a new home in Northeast Denver. Continue reading “2016 is here and so are we” »

The Wasabi clan finally pulled together some halloween attire.  I turned myself into a zombie doctor with the PPE that I was given to work with Rachel.  Julie became a kid zombie with a little make-up and Continue reading “Stand Tall Colorado 2015 Car Crush” »

The kids are totally stoked with the Halloween decorations adorning the front yard in our little rented home.  It has been nearly a year since I broke my ankle.  A whole year of living in this house.  Another year of Batten Disease taking a stronger hold of my child.  A year of Julie getting taller and more mature.  A year of my boys fighting, getting better at video games and learning how to cook.

I love this time of year.  Its bittersweet but still my favorite.

Boston Fenway turns 9

I love an overexposed photo.

Boston is pretty rotten in the weeks (months!) leading up to his birthday.  It’s all he can talk about, think about.  Today was the big day and he had his best birthday ever!  His favorite present?  An emerald green fuzzy bath robe that was a replacement for a zip up robe that was a present from my best friend.  A present, a robe, that we named “Robie” and my children take turns stealing.  One less child to share with. Continue reading “Boston Fenway Turns 9!” »

Rachel with Sam on Bike Day 2015

So this is a yearly event at Rachel’s special needs school called “Fletcher Miller.”  The idea is to get all of the kids together, regardless of ability, and have them ride a bike.  I got there and put Rachel on a bike and pulled / walked with her around the track.  I missed this last year (2014) and the principal, Bob (who is Spongebob in the pictures below) was nice enough to email shots of my girl. Continue reading “Rachel at Bike Day for Fletcher Miller Special School 2015” »

Rachel decided it was time.  She was ready to hold “Rosie” the Tarantula that lives at the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster, Colorado. They have dozens of Rosies to swap in and out throughout a typical day and this Rosie was presumed to be about 10 years old.   Continue reading “Rachel conquers her fear of Spiders!” »

My brother recently married the woman of his dreams.  He brought 3 kids to the table and she has 2.  They’re the real life Brady Bunch that so many of my friends have.   Continue reading “Adrian & Susie Wed!” »

Recently upgraded Mcclosky's website from Joomla to Wordpress

Joomla was one of the platforms I was using a few years ago but, in my opinion, fell far short of the progress that WordPress has made as the leading content management system available. Continue reading “Website Upgrade (Joomla to WordPress)” »

My high schooler.  Beautiful just like her Mother.

Rachel goes to Fletcher Miller Special School in Lakewood, Colorado and started a new class this year.  I’m always nervous sending her to new people but in her class this year is another student who is verbal.  Last year, unfortunately, she was the only verbal “kid” in the class.  She, like a typical teenager, would prefer to stay in bed all day.  But I need to work and we both need a break from each other. Continue reading “Rachel’s First Day 2015” »

Time is a funny little concept that drives so much of our actions, interactions and stress.  I’ve signed onto my blog tonight to share a picture of my oldest daughter whose hourglass is running far too quickly.  I’m turning 37 on Monday and I can’t remember much of my life since getting my driver’s license over 20 years ago.

I’ve done a lot in my 37 years.   I’ve made my parents proud and I’ve made them feel beyond disappointed.  Worse than that are the moments in my life I’ve made myself disappointed.  You relive them over and over and over.

I never finished this blog entry that I wrote two years ago, almost to the day.

My daughter’s hourglass ran out.  I’m still here, fighting to live every single day.

Blog entry completed 8/23/17.

Julie, London and Boston's first day of school 2015

Today Julie, London and Boston started back to school (6th, 4th and 3rd grades) and tomorrow Rachel will return to Fletcher Miller (her special needs school).  Looking at the raw pictures I took early this morning I realized I should have put more thought into photo composition.  All of the single pictures remind me of mug shots.  Ha. The featured image on this post is the only decent picture that doesn’t make my kids look like they’re headed for the slammer.

Boston, on the left, has the perfect “I don’t want to go back to school” expression that we all felt this morning.

The summer has come to an end and its time to pick up my website work load.  Time to recover from “back to school” expenses and start saving for Christmas. 🙂

Well, we lasted a little over a month with no high-speed internet but only 2 weeks with no TV.

My parents sent us a TV antenna a few weeks ago that looks like a white mouse pad which pulls in some great channel reception.  Tonight, after the kids cleaned the kitchen of our dinner dishes we were able to watch a Walking Dead episode which came in crystal clear.

This past Monday, when the CenturyLink man installed DSL, became the happiest day of my (3 younger) kid’s lives.  This makes me sad.  I hope the best day of their lives is the day we set foot in another country to explore…

I definitely didn’t miss cable television or the endless need for my kids to watch every youtube video ever uploaded. I didn’t miss their desire to constantly play videos games online and to be quite frank, they aren’t going back to that life.  That addiction.

My main argument for signing up for DSL is cost.  I was paying about $120 a month for Comcast (cable tv and internet) and during our “offline days” my data plan with Verizon TRIPLED in the month that my house was “offline”.

Seriously, I’m ready to find a part time job to pay next month’s cell phone bill.

CenturyLink has a 1 year rate of $37.99 a month which includes a $7.99 rental of their DSL modem and wireless router. I need internet for work, to take classes online and continually strengthen my skillset at www.skillshare.com.

So our tiny 3 bedroom rental is back online. I am justifying this because we still recycle, we keep 4 backyard chickens and we’re now drying laundry on a rack outdoors.  Six of one and half dozen of the other.  And, I am the guy who mows the lawn with an electric mower, terrified that I’ll become a statistic and run over my first cord.

In other Mom news: Today we joined the Wheat Ridge Rec Center (swimming, classes, air conditioning) and became “card carrying” (lol) members of the Wheat Ridge Library and actually checked out books.

Crazy.  I might be growing up.

Boston is joining football, Julie is starting up swimming lessons and London promises to take some kind of lesson at the rec center.  I’ll be floating in the lazy river with Rachel looking all sexy in our bathing suits.  🙂

But really, all I want in life is 4 healthy children and AIR CONDITIONING!


It has been over 2 weeks since I stopped letting technology babysit my family.  2 weeks since the Internet stopped intercepting imagination and 2 weeks since television stopped rotting the brain of my kids.  The first week was rough.  Like, “what the hell did I do, check these kids into rehab” bad. Continue reading “ A life without Internet, TV and Social Media” »

My new friend, Julie, has a daughter with Autism and is involved with the Autism Society of Colorado.  Today was the WALK with Autism and I took the kids for the 2.5 mile walk around Sloan’s Lake.  We had a great, fun time. Continue reading “Autism Walk with Kara’s Voice” »

Oh, the guilt!

Rachel started summer school today (they call it ESY for “Extended School Year”).  Back home in Hull, Massachusetts Rachel attended summer school with the same folks that she spent the regular school with in the same school building that she attended during the regular year.  She knew the layout of the school and the voices of the kids around her.  She had the same driver, nearly the same paraprofessionals and her bus ride was usually about 5 minutes long.   They knew to say “Hi Rachel, this is XYZ (their name).” Continue reading “Rachel’s First Day of Summer School 2015” »

I put my three younger children into public school for the last 7 weeks of school as I have been taking a “Nursing Assistant” course for Rachel.  Both school and the course ended on the same day and I’m catching up on work.  I need to apply for and pass the state exam, hopefully I will get an appointment quickly. Continue reading “School is out for the summer” »

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