The  chickens rule here are some reasons why. 1 they are related to the T rex and who doesn’t like a t rex. The The T Rex ruled the earth in its days. The chicken is like it. Short arms long legs and small head one difference is the chicken is a bird not a reptile.

2 They teach you better than school they teach you to be patient if you are not by making you wait for eggs. Also responsibility is something you learn with chickens because if you take care for them you take there eggs feed them and water them.

3 It is fun to get eggs I race to get there eggs when they lay . And they taste better than store bought .

4 They are easy to take care of . They  eat anything they can get there beak on. They will eat anything even poison and dead mice.Our chicken never did but they tried.

5 They are fun.My old chickens used grapes for soccer and if a dead mouse came along they run with it in there beaks.My family has two chickens names big bertha and ginger are the biggest and they ambush each other they don’t hurt each other but it is hilarious.santa



???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Thief’s are People how steal like gold, Diamond’s, and Rare things. Cops catch Thief’s and robber’s and give the things back. After they catch the thief’s and robber they but them in prison and they are now prisoners and all prisoners try to escape the prison. if one leave’s but a cops see’s a a prisoners that is escaped the will get chase but they will find a car that is fast and that’s called a getaway car.Anderson-Floors_06_111210

Most people are not prisoner’s. a fact that I heard was a guy stole not for it but for health care because he was probably is really injured and was poor.thanks for seeing and I hope you enjoy.

Today I am blogging  about cats because I LOVE cats. The best cat ever is Mittens she can survive being on her own in the forest without food from others at age 1 and a half. When we got her back she was more independent but still loved us as much as she did. She is a blackish brownish fluffy beauty and she looks like a lion. She speaks when she meows hisses and growls  she says hey but at is all.  Her full name is Mittens Owl (because she has owl eyes)Pumpkin(because her name before was pumpkin) Vontuglen. Byemittens-257x300

Today I am doing a blog about lantern corps.Because I love Dex-starr the rage corps pet cat. My favorite lantern corp is hope blue.Second is greed orange. Third rage red. Ok now we get to my favorite lantern character Dex-Starr who is literally a cat from the rage corp #BestVillainEver Ok now we will tell you all the lanterns name Rage corp Red, Passionate corp Purple, Greed corp Orange,Fear corp Yellow, Love corp Pink, Hope corp Blue, Willpower corp Green, Life corp White and Death corp Black Finnaly Dex-Starr’s origin. Once as a litter of 5 kittens dexter was abandoned and at later was adopted from the brooklyn animal shelter his new owner loved dexter  because he was always ther to keep her company she even said that dexter made her life alot better and he would say the same thing if he could talk one night a burgerlar came in and dexter bit him and he was screaming in pane then he woke up the owner and she was not bit but  she was screaming and the burgerler then died and then a few night later prisoners found dexter and bagged him and threw him in the city lake then a rage power ring flew in detcting his rage inside and turned him into a red lantern killing the prisoners ok that is the end of my blog Bye.  download Sinestro_Corps_War JohnStewart53the-blue-lanterns-last-stand 3973557-2969119-6317773181-all_t sinestro-corp-batman2 2006445-dex_2 Violet star-sapphire-corps Green_Lantern_Alan_Scott_0008

London is a place that my family came from but I have never been there but I want to go and I am also named after London But the place is called England. The have a really cool flag that looks like a cross with the color of Blue,Red,and White. They have a ride called the London Eye and a clock tower called Big Ben.

When at night the London Eye is beautiful  from the pictures I see. The pilgrims use to live in England.


There are actually more girls than boys because boys get bigger chances of diseases, risks or violence the world gets about 100 girls is but also 106 boys I think this is very very interesting  also father nature picks if there are more boys than girls with the sex coin also females are usually more succesful and are safe and are healthy but sex redproduces more boy than girl so yeah and girls need hormoans and boys need puberty now there are more girls than boys now because girls ussualy dont die as much as boys. Girls are ussualy more safe. Bye see you tomorrow http://cdn1.bostonmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/male-female-sign-main.jpg

Today Julie taught A tip that is really awesome.She taught me to Listen to a audio book when doing your work. I really like it and i will tell you why. I like it because it get work done faster and you can use YouTube for a full version and you can Check the time easily.

You can pick a good book like I am listening to Matilda by Roald Dahl. Its the best to use Headphones or Bluetooth .41U89kJIUDL._SY300_So end of blog I hope you enjoy this blog and the next one and also please tell me more tips.



Today I am doing a blog on big hero 6 and its news article I am doing a blog on it because the movie is in theaters and i am going there for christmas. I am going to see it with my mom or dad or mr cortus cause my moms love mr cortus and my mom and dad are family and big hero 6 looks awesome also there is a stan lee cameo and baymax looks like disneys ironman and the they already have ralph who is the disneys hulk and they have a robotic dragon which is fred and the villan is named mr kabuki also they have lots of easter eggs so yeah and they have baymax who looks awesome that is the end of my blog bye.

turkey1This year thanksgiving was at Jamie’s house and we had a good time. Before we went to  Jamie’s house we did a 3 mile walk or jog with Chad,Bethany, and Brook and it was really fun because we went to the park and we had to walk back which I walked back by myself and a little with Boston and I was in 1st place and Boston was in 2nd place.download (6)

Then we went to Jamie’s House and I talked with Chad and I got a cool app for Call of duty :Ghost to customize my guys But I am can only customize the things that I bought with my Squad points. The food was great and I had a Orange Crush with my food. We had a awsome time and I hope you all enjoy this blog.

Chickens-Rooster-WireToday i’m writing about a news article that I read to my mom. About a  man who lost his land,lost his hens and his roosters were killed. The police seized his land and animals without notice. People think that it could be rooster fighting being the reason for his lost because he has more than 700 roosters and more than 600 hens. People think that it is very ridiculous that the government is on both sides. Im not sure why and the only person who knows is Trin Than the man who lost his animals and land. They are denying that 9 cops and 5 animal control officers took this from him. All of his food was healthy and his animals too and if they all captive chickens to stay where they were.

Here is the page.


Most people forget the meaning of Thanksgiving most see Thanksgiving as food . Others see it as a useless holiday . I see thanksgiving as a time to go to a loved ones remember the less fortunate,feel grateful,help them and be yourselfs. This Thanksgiving my family went to Jamies. We had 3 guests named Mister Quarters.Brooke  and Bethany. Me Brooke and Bethany  were mostly outside on the swingset or on the trampoline playing dead man or woman man for when boston was around. Run from the balls which we made up it was when we had 1 though 3 balls in the trampoline and where the ball hit was weaker until someone got hit 10 times from the balls. And just jumping around. On the swing set we just played. And the food was great!wild-turkey_765_600x450

Thanksgiving is a good holiday for family that you do not see often A.K.A alot of the time so there are 4 types of things you can eat you can eat turkey,chicken,duck,and turducken ok now I get to tell what happened this year so we went to Jamies house we had ham and turkey we loved it they prayed i am a aithiust so i did not pray about god i played with mason and tyler my friends we went on the trampoline alot we played alot of games like deadman we had lots of fun I had ice cream i watched videos on my ipad i watched Blitzwinger we had a awesome day at there house that is the end of my blogdownload (6) download (5) download (7) turkey1 blitz-army-bot-kids_design

Ps3 logo

Ps3 logo

A Play station made by Sony and is a game console that we play but we play the 3 which is the best because You don’t have to pay to be to play with other people but with the PS4 and its is not old it is kinda new .There are Different ways to have games which ane Buy it on the game console or buy the disc. My Ps3 picture is a roman helmet ans my dad’s is Sweet Tooth which is from a racing game which my mom played.They have Movie’s, Demo’s and add on’s that can be downloaded.


You can store picture and screenshots in the photo gallery. You can take a screenshots by clicking select button and start button but some games you can’t like the game wipeout.

Slim Ps3 model with the controller

Slim Ps3 model with the controller

Now lets compare the Xbox with the Ps3. the Ps3 cost no money to play with people but the Xbox does cost money to play with people.the Ps3 has closer joysticks but Xbox doesn’t have closer joysticks. Ps3 and the Xbox are tied because the Xbox is good for people with large hand but not good for people with not that much money and the Ps3 is good for the opposite reasons. that is the end of my blog and If you have more that I should write let me know and I hope you guys enjoy.



download (1)

download (2)




Sony-Playstation-logoTodays blog is Playstation types so Playstation is a company that is very very very popular for gamers. So if you are a gamer you will definitely know what i am talking about so basically it is good for gaming my gmod spraypaint is the PS logo also playstaion is 1 of the most liked system its that against Xbox 360 so yeah me and my brother think it is better than any other gaming company also you can play almost any game on it also the Ps vita is probally one of the most transportable gaming system 1 and 2 are lame 4 is expensive 5 is not purchasable yet PS Vita is tiny and not even as good as 1 so 3 is probally the best oh by the way dad it will 5 will be purchasable in 1 or 2 years I have the Ps3 I got it for my 8th birthday which was not so long ago they also have custom Playstation controllers for example the batman controller also we have lots of playstation games so yeah btw i am making another blog later about thanksgiving that is the end of my blog bye

I really love christmas it is just because it is a time to have fun with relatives, and presents. Here are 5 things I want for christmas and why.

1. a Lava Lamp. I love lava lamps because it brings colors and because they are prettydownload (2).

2. A acrylic moon it is because I have an acrylic sun and I think that it would be cool to have the sun and moon.

3.Paint and canvas.The reason I want this for christmas is because I love art because it is very creative .

4.81VxBsPnw+L._SL1500_Sticker art . I love sticker art it is easy and fun.

5.More adult chickens!!! I love animals and we have 5 chickens and I want to expand it so we can get 5 more!


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