Julie has started taking her first steps. Rachel was just shy of 15 months when she started walking, and it looks like Julie will head down the same path. People say that “bigger” babies walk later, but Rachel wasn’t a big baby. I think my kids just like to be held. Constantly. Like all the time. Julie has John wrapped around her little fingers.

Rachel is bored out of her mind and I am finding it to be quite trying. I am going to all the town sponsored events that I can manage and she is in TBall, but summer camp is proving to be out of our budget this summer. She is too smart for her own good. 🙂

Work is good. Both John and I got some new customers this past week and he has already received payment from most of them. I, on the other hand, find myself waiting for payment from multiple people, but that is the nature of my industry. Well, for those of us who don’t hide behind complete automation and email.

Not much else, just really busy. I get the feeling that my friends and online “buddies” feel alienated because of my lack of contact, but my life has been busy, trying to keep us above float and continue to promote the good geeks in our new market. Sometimes I wonder if my online friends that feel alienated are feeling this way because of “talk.” But those that know me, know that my life is truly busy at the moment, and not just a case of me vanishing.

I. Clearly. Have. Not. Vanished.

Quite the opposite, actually, as I am now 24 weeks pregnant. I’m expanding.

19weeks and the flutters I have been feeling turned into kicks tonight. 5 distinct kicks. Very cool. Probably the baby getting back at me for walking so much at the Denver Zoo. We met up with a bunch of ladies from Colorado Moms today that got the four of us into the zoo for free. Woohoo.

Had a great day. The kids really enjoyed themselves, I wound up with a sunburn. Anyone *really* all that suprised? 🙂

I’ve gotten up 3 times tonight. I have no idea what the FUCK I am going to do when this new baby arrives. Julie has GOT to start sleeping through the night. I hate to say it but at 330am when she got up this time I stuffed Rachel into my bed (the girls share a room and Rachel got woken up)… and I closed the door and let Julie scream for 10 minutes and then fell back to sleep. I just can’t take the constant night wakings anymore, and my feelings are only amplified because I am doing it alone this week. I have GOT to get her to sleep through the night. CIO is looking really good right now but I know it won’t work on her. I tried it once last week out of sheer desparation and she ended up acting like a rabid, caged animal. I couldn’t calm her down for 10 minutes (literally). I know she is only 13 months but I just need to get some sleep on a regular basis. I totally understand waking up, we all do it, but to require attention 2, 3 times a night and yet another bottle….. I am at my wits end. Great little girl, but there has to be a way without me losing my sanity and her having to CIO. Maybe I was less tolerant earlier on and that is what got Rachel to sleep through the night at an earlier age, maybe it was breastfeeding that ruined her sleeping habits. I’ll grasp at any straw right now to find an answer, and a solution.


My daughters are very lucky to have each other, they truly share a special bond. Julie is a bit obnoxious as she can’t really talk yet and has a hard time getting across what she wants. Instead of asking Rachel for a bit of her sandwich this morning, Julie pushed Rachel about 2 feet (yes, my 13mo old is strong enough to push her nearly 5yo sister around.)… and while Rachel was recovering, Julie snatched a bit of the PB sandwich. Right now they are on the seat/ottoman watching a show with a stuffed animal each, Julie drinking some milk. They are as content as can be, almost as close as I imagine siamese twins to be. I’m so lucky.

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