So if you follow Rachel’s facebook page or know me “in real life” you’ll probably know that the idea of a Bucket List has been the topic of several conversations between me and the kiddos. They don’t understand that this has ANYTHING to do with death so please don’t comment or email me worried that I have a doom and gloom attitude that is negatively affecting them. My positivity is borderline disgusting. LOL

I’ve put “The Bucket List” on the top right of the blog and plan to add many, many more things to the list as the weeks go by. The plan is to take a very long (nearly) cross country trip stretching from Boston up north to Maine and all the way West to Kansas City then Colorado and back. We have free access to several amusement parks through September and I’d like to take advantage of this gift from “Give Kids the World” (the place we stayed in Florida on our Make A Wish trip).

I’m also setting up a FLICKR account to link our pictures from all of these successful missions to show the world that life is too short to wait on the important things in life. Life is too short, people. It’s a fact. Batten Disease is such a shit disease, I refuse to let it steal my Rachel until she has had the chance to use up her body and slides into home base covered in fattening food and exhausted from life.

The more afternoons I can get my children sticky with ice cream this summer, the better! I’ll leave you with a picture from Summer 2009 (the extra 9 year old boy in the picture is my nephew Ryan).

You keep that thumb in the up position, baby. Hold on tight because I’m going to drag you all over this country!!! 🙂

For the unaware, “The Bucket List” was a movie that came out in 2007. < link to IMDB>

I scooped John and the kids up and took them to Maine for the weekend. We had a great time although I had promised to tray and do some sledding or snow tubing. We met a family of chickens and a herd of alpacas, went swimming and hot tubbing and took the kiddos into a sauna for the first time. We even brought home 3 dozen farm fresh eggs which have already begun the transformation into baked goods. 🙂

Here are some of the pictures which I will directly share from facebook (you don’t need a facebook account to see ’em).


We had THE BEST time! Here is my favorite picture of Rachel from the weekend. Just goes to show that you don’t have to see well to have a fun and full life. Experiences like this are more valuable to Rachel than to a sighted child because of her tactile senses.

I think I think I did a sufficient job at flipping Batten Disease off this weekend. Tomorrow morning we’re going ice skating for an hour. Can’t wait! Gotta get them into a swimming pool more often. They love the water (just like their Momma) and love the hottub (just like their Daddy).

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