I had my third Ultrasound today, it took forever in the waiting room. Felt like an eternity because of my FULL BLADDER!!! It is just cruel to make a pregnant woman drink that much, hold it in… then place pressure on her bladder. Cruelty if you ask me. Not pleasant. Your father didn’t come with me despite everything going on. Said he was too tired. Well *I* found out that everything is PERFECT with the baby…… The ultrasound tech asked me if I wanted to know the sex but because I’m not *that* far along she really couldn’t be 100%. Your Father didn’t want to know, preferred to be surprised. However, curiosity killed the cat. It’s a GIRL!!!!!!!!! Ja’nelle told me she is also pregnant today. I am so glad to be on the Pink Team!

Who Am I?
I’m Katy Muir. I live on 336 Hurlbutt Street in Wilton, Connecticut. My Mother, my Father and I raise cats. I have three brothers: Adrian 20, Clive 18 and Chris 16. I am 12 years old. I go to Cider Mill and I am in the sixth grade. My teachers are Miss English, Mrs Kent and Mr Watt. I like to ice skate and raise cats. After school on Tuesday I go to sixth dimension. After school on Wednesdays & Fridays I go to Wilton Meadows, a Nursing Home. On Thursdays I go to Cider Mill Singers. On the weekend I babysit for a various amount of people, I enjoy kids a lot.

If I Could Change The World
If I could change the world it would be a hippy era for about one year. There would be a war on drugs and I would be the first woman president. There would be micro chips you could swallow so you would not have to go to school. Everyone would like everyone. No matter if you are fat or slim, black or white, poor or wealthy or what your race is. Every country would like each other and you would be free.

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up
When I grow up I want to be a chef. this is because my whole family (including me) are good cooks. My oldest brother Adrian and my Mom have taught me a lot of things about food. The chef’s cooking school of my choice is called Culinary Institute of America in New York. I would like to open my own restaurant. It will be in Chatham, Massachusetts on the main street near the church. It would be called Le cuisine even though their would only be some French food on the menu. My favorite dish is called Le’ Apples France’ and it is diced wet apples with a little cinnamon and ginger and raisins. I learned to make it a couple of years ago.

I Think My Parents
I think my parents are very nice people. They are very understanding and always listen to my side. If I do something wrong they will probably give me a lecture and help me correct my mistakes. My Dad works at Perkin Elmer. My Dad is also very smart because if I ask him something he will always know the answer. If I don’t understand something he will help me understand it. My Mom works for William Ravies and like my father she is very hard working. My Mother, my Father and I are the ones who really raise the cats.

People Hurt My Feelings Most By
People can hurt my feelings with they make jokes about my weight. Everyday I hear cracks like “Were your relatives stuck under the ice” or “Can I have the autograph of Porky Pig” or “How is Elsie the world’s most famous cow?” or “Make any earthquakes recently?” I do not like being overweight but if people don’t like me for who I am, don’t make fun of me. Whenever I get a grade everyone assumes its bad even though it might be good.

I Am Proud When
I am proud when I get a good grade on a paper that I have worked hard on, especially Social Studies. Social Studies is my worst subject even though it is my favorite. When I do a whole folder on Rome with a lot of essay questions and I receive an A- I am very proud. I am also very proud when I go to Wilton Meadows – a nursing home in Wilton. I am proud when a resident says to another resident “Isn’t she sweet” or “Isn’t she cute” or “Isn’t she nice.” That makes me feel very proud.

On Vacation I Like To
On vacation I like to go to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. My family has a house on Cape Cod in Chatham. I love to go to the beach and build the “Crem de la crem” of a castle with a mote. I always put seashells on the top. I love to go to the flea market because I normally buy something their. At night I go to the drive in movies and see a double feature with my parents. On the way home from Cape Cod I like to go to the water slides till 5 then drive home for 4 hours.

The Happiest Day Of My Life
The happiest day of my life was when I saw a kitten being born for the first time. It was really funny before the kittens were born because the mother Sheba could not reach her feet. Sheba looked like she was about to explode. When Sheba was in labor and about to have a kitten you could tell because her stomach was going in and out a lot. When the kitten came out and the mother cut the cord the kitten was all wet. About 3 hours later the coat was softer. About 3 weeks later the eyes started opening and the color started coming.

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