John, Me and the whole clan and after being there for about 20 minutes, another family comes up to us. Them: “Are you The Good Geeks.” Me: “Um, yes. Yes we are.” Them: “Oh, cool. Can we give you your check so we can save a stamp.” Me: “Huh? Did John do work on your computers?” Them: “No.” Me: “They aren’t your customers, honey?” Them: “No. Let us go get the check out of our truck.” I’ve been hosting his site for two years and I have never met him. Apparently, they knew it was us from our Christmas card. Very cool way to get paid. Turns out they have *SIX* children! Here are pictures of my kiddos and hubby:

Rachel is so sweet… Rachel: “Momma?” Kate: “Yes Rach. Rachel: “Thank you for borning me.” Kate: “Huh?” Rachel: “Thank you for borning me.” Kate to John: “Like room and board?” John: “She means like b-o-r-n.” Kate to Rachel: “Do you mean borning, like giving birth?” Rachel: “Yes, Momma. Borning me.” I could drink her up with a straw!

I got pregnant with Mr Boston Fenway after a Mom’s Night Out at Chilis in Colorado Springs, courtesy of Mr Jose Cuervo. John and I had not planned on having anymore children after Mr London Jack, but, here I am with a Mr Boston Fenway that is about to be 3 months old. So tonight I am celebrating with my old friend Mr Jose Cuervo and the best damn bowl of chili that I have ever ever ever made. It is freakin’ delicious. I figured that the chili would help keep John away. And that, my friends, was your too much information announcement of the day.

I have been doing a lot of soul search recently and I have figured out a couple of things about myself…. 1. I am (literally) addicted to stress. I am and have been addicted to other things but realize now that each addiction replaces the other when the “high” is harder to attain. Being addicted to stress and accomplishment is, unfortunately, socially accepted. I need to get to the root of why I am like this. I also need to slow down. I need to stop being everything to everyone, stop saying yes to every project that gets thrown my way. I need to slow down… easier said than done. I like chaos and stress but I hate confrontation and unfortunately stress and chaos causes confrontation. Always an oxymoron with me, I know. 2. I have a hard time with forming and keeping long term relationships with people. I can make friends easily with my obnoxious and “in the gutter” sense of humor, but I have a hard time keeping friends long-term because I basically fall off of the face of the earth. I know many people who read and/or comment on this blog that can (and might) raise their(read the rest)

If our goal is to stop eating fast food completely in 2007… does Dunkin Donuts qualify as “fast food?” I dropped $400 at BJ’s a few days ago and filled the fridge with very healthy options and some stuff that just tastes good. John made some kick-ass oatmeal raisin cookies and my brother brought chocolate chip. Home made cookies are gooood. If anyone could answer the above question, that would be fantastic. And if Dunkies does classify as fast food, can I either get a pass or a total waiver if we only order coffee?

I was watching The Biggest Loser tonight, one from a few weeks ago where the trainers went into the schools and looked at the food options. Rachel has bought lunch every single day since the first day of school and I guess it never dawned on me that her eating the crap that they serve at school will have life long effects. Just because she is thin doesn’t mean she will stay that way. Eating the crap that they serve there will definitely catch up. I can’t say that the crap I have been serving at home has been much better given our home life but we are hoping that our kitchen will be as done as it is gonna’ get for Christmas Eve! I am going to BJ’s tomorrow with my Mother and something has to change. I am a terrible mother for letting them eat so much crap these last 6 months. To be honest, the whole situation is really starting to depress me. We are always on the go, we never have time to stop at the grocery store. The kids often fall asleep in the car for the night. We are always working on some project(read the rest)

My hair is falling out. In clumps. Goodbye HCG. Hello non-reproductive years.

I am definitely the worlds worst mother. Girls Scouts (aka “Brownies”) is once a month. There have been three meetings so far and I have missed the second and the third. I looked at my planner yesterday and said “tomorrow is the day” but no dice. It was about 90 minutes AFTER it ended that I remembered. I suck. I can’t believe Christmas is only a few days away. Santa is prepped and our family presents are wrapped and under the tree. The girls (specifically Rachel) is sooo excited. All I need to do now is get the ham ready for our wonderful dinner. Mmmmm Ham!

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