Author: Julie

In My opinion cats rule.

1 Cats are independent. Cats don’t need  much food because there killing days are Friday and Wednesday.

2 They are silent. Cats are silent on anything even when meowing it isn’t very loud.

3 They are playful Mittens my cat is shy but very playful even when killing mice she does it in a playful way. When they are dead she plays ping pong with there body.

4 Cats are beautiful cats can have lion cuts and I want my mom to shave my cat to look like this cat. Bye and remember that cats rule!!!!!!!! Bye bye bye lioncut

The  chickens rule here are some reasons why. 1 they are related to the T rex and who doesn’t like a t rex. The The T Rex ruled the earth in its days. The chicken is like it. Short arms long legs and small head one difference is the chicken is a bird not a reptile.

2 They teach you better than school they teach you to be patient if you are not by making you wait for eggs. Also responsibility is something you learn with chickens because if you take care for them you take there eggs feed them and water them.

3 It is fun to get eggs I race to get there eggs when they lay . And they taste better than store bought .

4 They are easy to take care of . They  eat anything they can get there beak on. They will eat anything even poison and dead mice.Our chicken never did but they tried.

5 They are fun.My old chickens used grapes for soccer and if a dead mouse came along they run with it in there beaks.My family has two chickens names big bertha and ginger are the biggest and they ambush each other they don’t hurt each other but it is hilarious.santa



Today I am blogging  about cats because I LOVE cats. The best cat ever is Mittens she can survive being on her own in the forest without food from others at age 1 and a half. When we got her back she was more independent but still loved us as much as she did. She is a blackish brownish fluffy beauty and she looks like a lion. She speaks when she meows hisses and growls  she says hey but at is all.  Her full name is Mittens Owl (because she has owl eyes)Pumpkin(because her name before was pumpkin) Vontuglen. Byemittens-257x300

Chickens-Rooster-WireToday i’m writing about a news article that I read to my mom. About a  man who lost his land,lost his hens and his roosters were killed. The police seized his land and animals without notice. People think that it could be rooster fighting being the reason for his lost because he has more than 700 roosters and more than 600 hens. People think that it is very ridiculous that the government is on both sides. Im not sure why and the only person who knows is Trin Than the man who lost his animals and land. They are denying that 9 cops and 5 animal control officers took this from him. All of his food was healthy and his animals too and if they all captive chickens to stay where they were.

Here is the page.


Most people forget the meaning of Thanksgiving most see Thanksgiving as food . Others see it as a useless holiday . I see thanksgiving as a time to go to a loved ones remember the less fortunate,feel grateful,help them and be yourselfs. This Thanksgiving my family went to Jamies. We had 3 guests named Mister Quarters.Brooke  and Bethany. Me Brooke and Bethany  were mostly outside on the swingset or on the trampoline playing dead man or woman man for when boston was around. Run from the balls which we made up it was when we had 1 though 3 balls in the trampoline and where the ball hit was weaker until someone got hit 10 times from the balls. And just jumping around. On the swing set we just played. And the food was great!wild-turkey_765_600x450

I really love christmas it is just because it is a time to have fun with relatives, and presents. Here are 5 things I want for christmas and why.

1. a Lava Lamp. I love lava lamps because it brings colors and because they are prettydownload (2).

2. A acrylic moon it is because I have an acrylic sun and I think that it would be cool to have the sun and moon.

3.Paint and canvas.The reason I want this for christmas is because I love art because it is very creative .

4.81VxBsPnw+L._SL1500_Sticker art . I love sticker art it is easy and fun.

5.More adult chickens!!! I love animals and we have 5 chickens and I want to expand it so we can get 5 more!


I take care of the animals that me and my Mom own. Mom buys what they need and she bought all of them for me. So far she bought 5 Silkie Chicks, 3 Bunnies and  7 chickens She was only supposed to buy 5 but unfortunately 2 died . I am still sad. And I take care of them. I let the chickens roam in the morning for about 30 minutes. Every Sunday me and my mom clean the animals homes one by one. One of our bunnies, a Jersey Woolly,  is pregnant, her name is Maggie. When we clean one of the bunnies cage we let them roam in our backyard. I love the animals.

This is Mittens the indoor cat.

Mittens Rocks

Mittens Rocks

Julie and Rachel

Julie and Rachel

Today I  wanted to blog about happiness but i couldn’t find how to blog want I wanted to blog . Mom helped me blog.  I am very glad for many things here are 5 things that I am very glad for.

1. Art

I am very glad that art exists. When I am in any mood i want to draw. I like drawing anything and everything art is something that puts me in a good mood .


Holidays and celebrations just make me happy . Me and my mom shares the ability to  think of great holiday ideas. I just love holidays.

3. Farming

I love farms to working  to help them. I am my  mom and my dads little farm girl. When I grow up I hope to be a farmer.

4. Baking

It makes me feel like soo good. I am very good at making checkerboard cookies, chocolate chip cookies and gingerbread cookies

5. Rachel

My sister Rachel even though she can’t see I love her. Once I told Rachel that my cousin was being really mean. The next time we saw her she asked for her to come over she said ‘Leave my siblings alone especially Julie’ in front of  almost everyone then my cousin said that she was. Rachel called her a liar.

Checkerboard cookies

Checker cookies

My sister

My sister


My dead chicken );

My dead chicken );


One of my pictures

One of my pictures


american flag

Usa flag

Eric Jeffrey picture of NY Snow

This week a storm  is going on and it killed 5 people . Some died of freezing some died of a heart attack .In some places it had 6 feet of snow.

Storms can freeze anything that has liquids  if it is cold enough. And on the roads it can make cars swerve into other cars of the road and  make you lost.

A way to stay safe is to stock your cupboards with food stay of the roads check for storms . And if you have to go out in your car wear a full snowsuit bring lots of food water and blankets.

Colored pencils

I just love art I like looking at it I like encouraging art and most of all I love making it. There is many types of art. There is paint art witch is messy but has many types of paint I know of two. One is acrylic witch drys out. There is also watercolor paint witch is dry and you wet your brush and dab the color you want then you can paint on the paper. Another type of  art is colored pencil art Mrs. Gallagher was drawing a recitalist rain forest it looked like she took a picture she drew it out of color pencils. There is also marker art I learned a trick when you us the side instead of the tip to draw a big area to make it easier and when there is a small whit spot where the shading it use the tip so the shaded area stays normal. Crayons is another type witch makes it bigger but there is two types of crayons there is wax crayons and oil crayons. This is a harder one sculpting witch you make a material

juliesageLately the weather has been cold. The first day it barely snowed then it started snowing more. The second day it was a little worse but mom was nervous about how cold the weather forecast said it would be during the night so she put the rabbits and chickens in the shed.

Today, the fourth day, she let them back in the coop. When she was moving them, she found my chicken very lethargic so I tried to help save my chicken but she still died in my arms. I was very sad but mom bought me a white Americauna with a cool looking face.

When she died I screamed then burst into tears.   The chicken that died was London’s chicken named road runner and I had chosen the name.


I just love plants. I am not great with all of them I cant Handling cacti  i water them to much I water them to much. I have a pink hydrangea the way I  get to keep the hydrangea is i water it way to much the lower the amount i water it until it is at a healthy rate. I also have a Rosa plant it is a relative of a rose this plant It was very healthy and it  needs little water. I have a wildflower seeds that I grew into wildflowers the wildflowers don’t come back up and they haven’t even bloomed  they are very picky  I wouldn’t recommend them because there are very picky. I have a basil plant which is very healthy.


Yesterday I went in to the backyard with mom to plant bulbs then the boys went outside.  We saw a pile of grass  it was a decomposing pile then we put in worms and food scraps. Then we made the backyard have tulips white pink orange and more colors. We also planted crocus and they were purple and my Mom said it is the first sign of spring when the come out of the ground.

Tomorrow we are getting chickens!

imageIf anyone would ask me what is my favorite season I would say fall. I would say because I love Halloween but that is part of the real reason.

I remember the first time I had apple pie, It was apple pie and I thought I would hate. Holy cow, I was wrong! I loved it I wanted to keep eating it was so good.

I also love the smell of carved pumpkins and the feeling of the guts.pumpkin

fall leavesHave you ever made a pile of leaves in front of the slide and then slid down it?  London, Boston, Keylee, and Aubrey did this for hours, one fall day. I tried it, it was so much fun. Afterward we raked it all up then someone else took a turn going down the slide. I loved that afternoon and I could tell on their faces that they enjoyed it as much as I did.

imageThis is what makes me happy. Creativity  is what makes me happy. All types of creativity from drawings to pencils carvings I just love creativity .  I like it because it expresses me  so if i was mad, sad, happy, calm I would draw a creative drawing that expresses how I feel at the time.

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