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Little Big Planet Is One Of My Favorite Video Games Its Very Creative The Limit Of Creativity Is Your Imagination Literally. Probably From Reading The Title You Know That There Is 4 Video Games For It And There Is Books, DLCs,Editions Including imageimage

imageimageAnd Others.¬†So This Game Is Rated E For Everyone It’s VERY Appropriate I Reccomend It If You Like Creativity Games =)

This Is The End Of My Blog Anyways It’s Only Part 1 ūüôā -BostonsBlog


Bonnie is  a Horror Game Character who is the best character EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! also he is the smartest of all and there is one easter egg of him and technically ive heard of a 2nd and 3rd game which might be amazing  i hope it is i have seen the first and have the demo for the 2nd and the rest of my blog is stupid but i am going to do it any way so basically there are so MUCH THEORYS ABOUT THE ANIMATRONICS like they stuffed phone guy in golden freddy or chica and Foxy is a good guy and he gives you heart attacks or phone guy is a REALLY bad guy so yeah but this is the end of my blog peace out6002724_60x60 -FNAF-2-toy-bonnie-jumpscare-five-nights-at-freddys-37874216-500-375 528 oh_bonnie_is_awesome Shadow_Toy_Bonnie maxresdefault

So basically Pacman is the best ever selling game But they also have The cartoon Pacman and the ghostly adventures and 2 games for it pacman was released first in japan in 1980 and is created by namco there is also mrs.pacman my father is probbaly is the best person i know to ever play also there was this really cool pacman vs pacman vs pacman vs pacman and i did terrible I literally did worse than julie and only got 18 dots and thats all by the way it was at dave and busters by the way the youngest pacman has the most lifes then mrs.pacman then pacman namco is basically like nintendo and nesa but different also in pacman and the ghostly adventures you’re trying to defeat betrayus who is a very powerful villian who is trying to takeover there town city and pac-man is there only hope and there is the class bully skeebo this is the end of my blog byedownload (1) 474400-mrs-_pepper_pac_man Mspacman download (2)PACMANYUSOCUTE




So you probably know my brother (London) also made a blog kind of like this but about the Hobbit. This is about the Baggins Family Tree and the 2 heroes we all know and love who are Frodo and Bilbo.  Basically, the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings are in different timelines. At this stage in the story, Bilbo has the ring and is very close to the Arkenstone and Smaug and tons of gold. Now, Frodo is trying to get to Mount Doom to destroy the ring forever. I think he kills Gollum because Gollum jumps into the lava at Mount Doom to retrieve the ring but fails.

Bilbo and Frodo are related by blood which you can see in the family tree at the end of this blog.

Untitledjk Posters Hobbit Unexpected Journey 2012 Bilbo Baggins Flyer baggins-tree

Honey bee is a cat who has NO eyes at all but she is very very very interesting because she finds her way around places they would’nt let her in the corn maze so she did the pumpkin maze also she takes a while on hikes because she wanted to smell everything also when she is tired she rides her owners or humans back she squirms when she wants to go down again honey bee also loves human Loves them also she is very smart very very very smart she got to pick their pumpkin she loves other cats and kittens my mom thinks it is amazing which i do to peace outHoney-Bee-In-the-Pumpkin-Patch-750x562honeybee0 (1)images (2) blind-cat-best-hiking-buddy-out-there__big_no hqdefault (2) blind-cat-1-800 0 (1)

Christmas eve is where you get one present no school no nothing except home and whatever you want to do its not just that its also tim for your family to get along and have fun maby watch a movie stay up for a while NOT kiss under the missletoe and see people you have’nt seen in a while also for pizza dinner… yes also its for awesome food also my mom lets me watch lots of movies and eat candy watch christmas specials play video games forever never want the day to end jitters and just watch yaw or somethin btw i said somethin cause hagrid ok that the end of me blog bye


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First I will be talking about Call of Duty Black Ops. I signed up for a notification on cheap shark because I don’t own the game¬†so I¬†want an email when it is cheaper. Below this blog entry I¬†will put a link up for it on¬†Gamefly. When I get the game I¬†am going to¬†install a lot of mods. This game¬†is basically like black ops 2 but less upgraded. I don’t know the story or really anything about Call of Duty Black OPS. ¬†I own¬†Call of Duty Ghosts, which my brother really likes. Also YAW (You Always Win, which is a cool channel on Youtube)¬†plays Call of Duty Black OPS¬†a lot. I¬†watch YAW on Youtube a lot because there are funny gamers and they do mods and holiday specials.¬†YAW¬†also does holiday specials like Christmas, Halloween, Easter and Valentines Day. YAW¬†is one channel run by two brothers:¬†Meaty and Brothergunns.



download (9) download (8)The birth of lego was in the work shop of Ole Kirk Christiansen {Born the 7 of april 1897} a carpenter from Billund, Denmark who began making wooden toys in 1932  in 1934 his company came to be called Lego which in danish phrase leg godt which means play well it expanded in 1947 to become plastic toys in 1949 it produced other new products an early of the now famous interlocking bricks automatic binding bricks these bricks were based on the kiddicraft self locking bricks which were patented united kingdom in 1939 and then released  1947 lego modified the kiddicraft after examining a sample the british supplier of an injection-molding machine that the company purchased. ok that is the end of my blog come back for the 2 part tomorrow

Today I am doing a blog about lantern corps.Because I love Dex-starr the rage corps pet cat. My favorite lantern corp is hope blue.Second is greed orange. Third rage red. Ok now we get to my favorite lantern character Dex-Starr who is literally a cat from the rage corp #BestVillainEver Ok now we will tell you all the lanterns name Rage corp Red, Passionate corp Purple, Greed corp Orange,Fear corp Yellow, Love corp Pink, Hope corp Blue, Willpower corp Green, Life corp White and Death corp Black Finnaly Dex-Starr’s origin. Once as a litter of 5 kittens dexter was abandoned and at later was adopted from the brooklyn animal shelter his new owner loved dexter ¬†because he was always ther to keep her company she even said that dexter made her life alot better and he would say the same thing if he could talk one night a burgerlar came in and dexter bit him and he was screaming in pane then he woke up the owner and she was not bit but ¬†she was screaming and the burgerler then died and then a few night later prisoners found dexter and bagged him and threw him in the city lake then a rage power ring flew in detcting his rage inside and turned him into a red lantern killing the prisoners ok that is the end of my blog Bye. ¬†download Sinestro_Corps_War JohnStewart53the-blue-lanterns-last-stand 3973557-2969119-6317773181-all_t sinestro-corp-batman2 2006445-dex_2 Violet star-sapphire-corps Green_Lantern_Alan_Scott_0008

There are actually more girls than boys because boys get bigger chances of diseases, risks or violence the world gets about 100 girls is but also 106 boys I think this is very very interesting  also father nature picks if there are more boys than girls with the sex coin also females are usually more succesful and are safe and are healthy but sex redproduces more boy than girl so yeah and girls need hormoans and boys need puberty now there are more girls than boys now because girls ussualy dont die as much as boys. Girls are ussualy more safe. Bye see you tomorrow


Today I am doing a blog on big hero 6 and its news article I am doing a blog on it because the movie is in theaters and i am going there for christmas. I am going to see it with my mom or dad or mr cortus cause my moms love mr cortus and my mom and dad are family and big hero 6 looks awesome also there is a stan lee cameo and baymax looks like disneys ironman and the they already have ralph who is the disneys hulk and they have a robotic dragon which is fred and the villan is named mr kabuki also they have lots of easter eggs so yeah and they have baymax who looks awesome that is the end of my blog bye.

Thanksgiving is a good holiday for family that you do not see often A.K.A alot of the time so there are 4 types of things you can eat you can eat turkey,chicken,duck,and turducken ok now I get to tell what happened this year so we went to Jamies house we had ham and turkey we loved it they prayed i am a aithiust so i did not pray about god i played with mason and tyler my friends we went on the trampoline alot we played alot of games like deadman we had lots of fun I had ice cream i watched videos on my ipad i watched Blitzwinger we had a awesome day at there house that is the end of my blogdownload (6) download (5) download (7) turkey1 blitz-army-bot-kids_design



download (1)

download (2)




Sony-Playstation-logoTodays blog is Playstation types so Playstation is a company that is very very very popular for gamers. So if you are a gamer you will definitely know what i am talking about so basically it is good for gaming my gmod spraypaint is the PS logo also playstaion is 1 of the most liked system its that against Xbox 360 so yeah me and my brother think it is better than any other gaming company also you can play almost any game on it also the Ps vita is probally one of the most transportable gaming system 1 and 2 are lame 4 is expensive 5 is not purchasable yet PS Vita is tiny and not even as good as 1 so 3 is probally the best oh by the way dad it will 5 will be purchasable in 1 or 2 years I have the Ps3 I got it for my 8th birthday which was not so long ago they also have custom Playstation controllers for example the batman controller also we have lots of playstation games so yeah btw i am making another blog later about thanksgiving that is the end of my blog bye

the_walking_dead_birds_by_thecreatorhd-d61yu01Today I am writing about Angry Birds because I found some interesting Angry Bird pictures. Some of these pictures are not real and some are true Angry Birds.

Angry Birds is a video game that you can play on a computer or a tablet. ¬†In this game you have birds, who are angry because there are pigs who stole the bird’s eggs.

The whole point of the game is using a strategy to decide where you are going to throw your birds at structures that the pigs are hiding inside or behind.

In order for the Angry Birds to win their bird eggs back, they have to defeat all of the pigs in each level.  You have to beat each level before you can go onto the next.

Trivia Time!

Who is the smallest angry bird? What is his name?

Which angry bird would win in a fight? Chuck or Red?

Who is smaller? Matilda or Bomb?

Put your answers in the comments.






maxresdefault images (6) the_angry_birds_demand_you_go_on_sammytekkerz__by_samm72-d5u1a9w tumblr_ln328aq4RI1qzoileo1_r1_500 angry_birds___angry_heroes_by_olechka01-d3eyi7w images (5) ABF_Wingman images (4) Flock_by_size

Sorry about all of the¬†pictures but they are all awesome. So here is my blog about¬†my favorite superhero creator named Stan Lee and the super heros he and his company, Marvel, created. ¬†The other main creator of popular comics done by “D. C.” was Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson.

They are all great creators for example Stan Lee. They all have powerful people and not so powerful people. My favorite universe is marvel because they would win in a fight. Wolverine and Deadpool can’t die.

I have my own ideas as to who would win in a fight  Deadpool or wolverine? [hint is a hero]  The winner would be Wolverine because Deadpool has a little bit of DNA from Wolverine.

Is Iron Man just the same as Batman? ¬†They are both normal people who use their money to make gadgets and suit.¬†They both have huge and famous structures. ¬†They both are rich. ¬†Even though they are the same in a lot of ways, they aren’t the same person.

Here is an interesting question.  Who would win in a fight?  Captain Marvel is from D.C. and Mrs. Marvel is from Marvel.  I think Captain Marvel would win because Captain Marvel can shock Mrs. Marvel, knock her out and throw her in a volcano.

batman dc comics comics superman superman logo batman logo_www.wallpapernono.com_92 orange_lantern_batman_logo_idea_by_kalel7-d54rzqt green_lantern_batman_logo_by_kalel7-d5mc0x2 sinestro_lantern_batman_logo_idea_by_kalel7-d54rzrk 49cadde2b2d3af824d91d800c6e4405b images (3) BatmanArkhamKnight02 download 2577825-tumblr_lma9j5aDSQ1qgj2cko1_500 download (1) Green-Lantern-2-Sinestro ff647e5a standard_xlarge (2) standard_xlarge (1) standard_xlarge stan-lee-simpsons2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA avengers-43-stan-lee images (2) images Stan Lee images (1) amazingstanlee 2304162369 Stan-lee-spider-man-wmb-3d-nick-saglimbeni-photography

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