Social Media is one aspect of internet strategizing that cannot be ignored. SEO, Content, PPC are all important aspects of driving traffic to your site and making sales but to ignore social media is a giant mistake.

At the start of the calendar year it is important to track your follower stats as a starting point. This is important information to collect so you know how far you have grown throughout the year and work to attain measurable goals. My name, my brand “Kat Wasabi” has the following “followers” and scores:

Facebook: 542 Friends

Google+: 29 Friends

Linked In: 410 Colleagues

Klout: 60 Score

Twitter: 172 Followers

Youtube: 15 Followers

Instagram: 121 Followers

Flickr: 7 Followers

Pinterest: 120 Friends

Foursquare: 30 Followers

Tumblr: Meh… lol

I am also, privately, tracking customers, customer reviews and blog followers.

Now I need to set, reasonable goals for growing my brand and my social media following. <3

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Kat Wasabi is a 30+ American Vegan, Website Manager, Blogger and proud Mum. Likes: Jeeps, Vitamin D, Music, Traveling & Authenticity.


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